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Get ahead of the festive season! It's time to secure your Thanksgiving centerpiece with our Heritage Turkeys. Your table will be graced with tradition and exceptional flavor that only these turkeys can bring.


To reserve your spot, a deposit of $50 ensures you'll enjoy a truly remarkable culinary experience. Our Heritage Turkeys boast an average weight of 10-13lbs lbs at $8.99 per pound.


Wondering why you should choose our Heritage Turkeys? Here's why:


Rich Heritage: Our turkeys represent the oldest genetic line of Heritage Turkeys in Canada, a true connection to time-honored traditions.


Distinctive Flavor: Experience the deep, satisfying richness in flavor that sets our Heritage Turkeys apart from their industrial counterparts. Your home will be filled with an enticing aroma that's nothing short of tantalizing.


Culinary Delight: Universally celebrated for their unparalleled taste, Heritage Turkeys are renowned as the ultimate choice for those who seek the finest in poultry. This Thanksgiving, let our Heritage Turkeys be the star of your table, a testament to the art of fine dining and culinary mastery. Place your pre-order today and savor the essence of tradition and exceptional taste.

Heritage Turkeys

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