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About Us

Get ready for a healthy gate-to-table experience like no other!

Cleary Ranch & Cattle Co. is excited to announce that we are now offering naturally raised, hormone-free, grass-fed & grain-finished Black Angus beef.

At the Cleary Ranch, we pride ourselves on doing things the old-fashioned way and can't wait to share our passion for sustainable farm fresh beef with you. From dry-aged steaks to chef inspired hamburgers, our beef is sure to be the highlight of any meal.


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Pat Cleary


Meet Pat Cleary, the President of Cleary Ranch & Cattle Co. With a remarkable tenure of over two decades on the farm, Pat embodies the driving force behind our operations. Boasting a wealth of expertise from more than 50 years in homebuilding, Pat not only brings a seasoned perspective but also demonstrates exceptional business acumen in real estate, infrastructure & design. He spearheads the team, guiding us with his shrewd insights and knowledge."


Chris Cleary

Director Of Operations
Executive Chef

Presenting Chris Cleary, a dynamic figure holding the dual role of Director of Operations and Executive Chef. Chris adeptly manages every facet of our operations while strategically driving the expansion of our enterprise. His profound background within the hospitality industry has played a pivotal role in shaping the remarkable growth of Cleary Ranch & Cattle Co.


Drawing from his distinguished tenure as the former CDC at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and his leadership as the Head Chef at Cineplex’s Rec Room, Chris brings a wealth of expertise to our endeavours. Embracing the exciting road ahead, he will also spearhead our forthcoming events and catering division. Our offerings will span a diverse range, from captivating pop-up events and artful whiskey and beef pairings to the elegance of weddings and the sophistication of corporate gatherings.


Matt "Ranny" Dubaj

Lead Farm hand

Introducing Matt 'Ranny' Dubaj, the heart and soul of our farm as Lead Farm Hand. Matt's presence resonates harmoniously amidst the animals, where he weaves his enchanting touch. Through an unbreakable bond, he
tends to our beloved creatures, nurturing them with the affectionate care that mirrors our values.


Beyond his farm stewardship, Matt embraces the role of nurturing egg-laying chickens, their produce showcased under the MD Acres brand. These prized eggs find their way to discerning palates through Primal Cuts,
an extension of our ranch, available for online orders. Matt's dedication echoes the essence of Cleary Ranch & Cattle Co., where love and quality converge.


Monique Cleary

Vice President

Introducing Monique Cleary, the Vice President of Cleary Ranch & Cattle Co. A dedicated Ranch Naturalist and passionate animal enthusiast, Monique's roots trace back to a homestead in Northern Ontario. Her expertise spans across the entire spectrum of ranch operations, playing a pivotal role in overseeing our day-to-day business. Beyond her stewardship of our prized Black Angus herd, Monique takes the lead in nurturing an array of animals, including goats, chickens, ponies, turkeys, and donkeys.


Rudy Verhoeven


Meet Rudy Verhoeven, our adept Superintendent. Rudy's expertise in construction and repair is unparalleled, making him the true master of his craft. He takes the helm in supervising our fencing projects and ensuring the smooth maintenance of our machinery.


With an impressive tenure of over a decade within our company, Rudy embodies a wealth of hands-on knowledge. His skillful proficiency resonates through every task, a testament to his invaluable contributions and steadfast commitment to Cleary Ranch & Cattle Co.


Jake Cleary

Farm Hand

Allow us to introduce you to the unstoppable force that is Jake Cleary, our remarkable Farm Hand. At a mere 11 years young, Jake stands as the youngest luminary within our team, but his determination and work ethic speak volumes beyond his years. With a 'can-do' spirit that knows no bounds, Jake steps up to any challenge, ensuring that no task remains unaccomplished.


From baling hay to meticulously tending to stalls, Jake's enthusiasm and willingness to roll up his sleeves know no bounds. A beacon of learning and hard work, he fearlessly embraces every opportunity to dive in and make a difference. 


With a bright future ahead, Jake is undoubtedly the shining star of Cleary Ranch & Cattle Co., a testament to our legacy and promising journey.

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